New income requirements 2023

Income requirements 2023 The following income requirements 2023 will apply from 1 July for applications for residence permits with a family member, highly skilled migrants and blue card. Residence with

Temporary protection for third country nationals extended

Temporary protection extended with six months Recently the IND had announced that the extension of the special protection did not apply to persons with a temporary residence in Ukraine such

Extension Temporary Protection Directive

The EU has extended the Temporary Protection Directive for Ukraine until March 4th, 2024. In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine the EU had invoked the Temporary Protection Directive

Ukrainian refugees proof of legal stay

Status Ukrainian Refugees Strictly speaking, Ukrainian refugees who have registered are eligible for an asylum permit. This application for residency falls under the scope of the Temporary Protection Directive and was

Turkish employees-Expats -Ankara Agreement Turkey and EU- the Association Council Decision 1/80

Turkish Employees-Expats -Ankara Agreement  between Turkey and EU- the Association Council Decision No:1/80 The Association Council Decision No. 1/80 on free movement provides some opportunities to Turkish citizens and their

EU Protection for Ukrainians

Special Protection Status Today, the EU has decided to activate the Temporary Protection Directive  to offer quick and effective assistance to people fleeing the war in Ukraine. Under this proposal, those fleeing

Leniency for Ukraine

Ukraine In the light of the tragic events which are currently unfolding in the Ukraine, the Dutch Immigration service (IND) has announced today that it will treat Ukrainian nationals residing

Income requirements 2022

Income requirements 2022 The IND has published the income requirements for 2022 for the various residence permits. Below is a selection of the most important income norms. For a complete

Income criteria highly skilled migrants 2022

Income criteria 2022 Today the income criteria for the highly skilled migrant scheme for 2022 have been published in the Government Gazette (Staatscourant). These salary standards also apply to residence

Humanitarian non-temporary

The humanitarian non-temporary permit (or “continued residence” as it used to be called) is a bit of an odd one amongst Dutch residence permits. Although, it is a temporary residence