Humanitarian non-temporary

The humanitarian non-temporary permit (or “continued residence” as it used to be called) is a bit of an odd one amongst Dutch residence permits. Although, it is a temporary residence

Op 4 augustus jl. heeft de Raad van State een belangrijke uitspraak gedaan voor LHBTI asielaanvragen. Voorheen moest een LHBTI cliënt door middel van haar/zijn verklaringen de IND kunnen overtuigen

The orientation year for highly educated people

The residence permit for work ‘orientation year highly educated’ is intended for people who have graduated, obtained a degree (bachelor’s or master’s) or have carried out scientific research and are

New scheme for essential startup personnel

As 1 June 2021 a pilot will start to make it easier for innovative start-ups to bring foreign personnel with special expertise to the Netherlands. The pilot will initially last

Moving to NL with children

Moving to the Netherlands with your children, or bringing your children to the Netherlands, naturally will also require applying for a residence permit for them. The permit is based on family

The Dutch 30% ruling: an overview

Scope Please note that the following blog aims to provide more information about the Dutch 30% ruling. However, the information provided does not extend to a detailed description of the

Termination labor agreement and the consequences for your Dutch residence permit

Recent economic downfall due to the Covid-19 pandemic has led to much uncertainty amongst many highly skilled migrants. Not only do they fear losing their jobs, they fear losing their

Update: Tozo support and consequences for the residence permit

Recently we posted an article in which we warned about the possible dangers an appeal to the corona support measure for entrepreneurs could have for your residence permit. Much to

Preparing official Japanese documents for use in NL

Which documents? Settling in the Netherlands also mean preparing your official Japanese documents. When I speak of “official” documents, I am referring to government documents. The most important and frequently

How long can I stay outside The Netherlands without jeopardizing my permit?

How long can I stay outside the country without jeopardizing my permit? This question is asked our team a lot. And very understandably! Honestly there isn’t one straight forward catch