Income requirements 2022

Income requirements 2022 The IND has published the income requirements for 2022 for the various residence permits. Below is a selection of the most important income norms. For a complete

Update: Tozo support and consequences for the residence permit

Recently we posted an article in which we warned about the possible dangers an appeal to the corona support measure for entrepreneurs could have for your residence permit. Much to

How long can I stay outside The Netherlands without jeopardizing my permit?

How long can I stay outside the country without jeopardizing my permit? This question is asked our team a lot. And very understandably! Honestly there isn’t one straight forward catch

Residency in NL in the long run

Residency in NL in the long run For how long is a residence permit issued? Initially one is granted a permit for a limited period of time. Entrepreneurs initially get

Unrestricted access Dutch labor market family members

Unrestricted access to the Dutch labor market family members of entrepreneurs What? The Dutch government has announced that somewhere early 2020 it will grant family members of foreign entrepreneurs, who

Dutch Japanese Trade Treaty application

What? The Dutch Japanese trade treaty  is a treaty between the Netherlands and Japan dating all the way back to 1913. The treaty was initially intended to promote trade, commerce