Expat Desk

Over the years we have noticed that our expat clients often have little awareness not only of their immigration status, but are also not very clear on their rights under Dutch employment law, or Dutch tax law. Often, they have been brought here by their employers who have taken care of their transfer and all of the red tape involved in this process.

Arslan|Lit not only has experienced immigration lawyers at its disposal, but also highly qualified employment law specialists on its team. We furthermore work with tax consultants and other professionals who are specialists in their respective fields, who can be of service to resolve your specific issues.

If it is a matter of figuring out where you stand in terms of immigration or in relation to your employer, we can help you to get your legal status clear. Are you looking to take the next step, or are you involved in a dispute with your employer? We not only can find alternatives to your current residence status; we can safeguard your rights under Dutch employment law.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or issues you have. We are more than happy to help. You can either reach by phone, 0031202332466, or email expatdesk@arslanlitadvocaten.nl. We can also be reached through our social media channels listed below.