Immigration law

Immigration law sees to the entry and residence of non-Dutch citizens, or aliens. Visas, residence permits, withdrawal of residence permits, alien’s detention and the expulsion of foreign nationals, these are all subjects that are regulated by immigration law.

Immigration law is no longer the subject of only national (Dutch) law. Traditionally, the influence of international treaties has been great. The UN Refugee Convention, European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and the Dutch American Friendship Treaty are examples of international legislation that has left their mark on domestic immigration law. In the past two decades in particular, EU law has had an unprecedented influence on Dutch immigration law. This all means that immigration law has multiple dimensions and is constantly in in motion (never a dull moment!).

Specialist knowledge of this field of law with all its quirks and idiosyncrasies is not a luxury but a necessity. Arslan|Lit’s immigration lawyers have been working in immigration law for two decades. In those 20 years we have worked in all facets of immigration law, from asylum matters to immigration detention to highly skilled migration. We know the terrain from bottom to top. With this luggage we are ideally equipped to assist and advise you with all your immigration law issues.

Our firm assists private clients, for example, with applications for family reunification, as well as business clients who want to recruit foreign staff under the highly skilled migrant scheme.

If the case demands it, we are willing and able to litigate. Whether it concerns national authorities (IND, labor inspectorate SZW, court, Council of State) or international legal authorities (European Court of Human Rights), we are at home in this.

Issues that our office can assist you with include:

  • Applications for residence permits from private individuals
  • Applying for residence permits for foreign staff
  • Applying for the status of a recognized sponsor for a company for the highly skilled migrants
  • Conducting objection procedures against the IND, UWV or the SZW labor inspectorate
  • Appeals in the courts
  • Higher appeal procedures before the Council of State

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