For admission as self-employed entrepreneur de leading criterium is whether or not a real Dutch economic interest is served with entrepreneurial activity.

The IND (Immigration service) will request advice from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). Whether such an essential Dutch interest exists RVO makes use of a points-based system. Points are given for three categories:

  • A: Personal background of the entrepreneur: diploma(s), the economic position and activities to date, and the experience with the Netherlands and the Dutch economy.
  • B: The business plan; the substantiation of the ideas and plans, organizational form, product/service, market potential and financial plan.
  • C: Added value; the contribution to be made to our country through economic activity in the form of innovation (in product, process, market and activity), job creation and investments.

In order to be eligible for a residence permit, the applicant must obtain at least 30 points for each category, so a total of at least 90 points is required. Or if the entrepreneur obtains 45 points each for categories A and B and he/she is highly educated (University or Higher Vocational Level), then the C category will no longer be considered.

There are exceptions to the application of the points system:

  • For EU long-term residents, no advice will be obtained from RVO to qualify for residence as a self-employed. Here the applicant must demonstrate that the intended business activity generates sufficient income to support itself. Sufficient income means a gross profit that is at least equal to the minimum wage.
  • American and Japanese entrepreneurs are also not assessed on the basis of this points system. For this group, it is sufficient to deposit €4500 into a business account. More about this on the pages of the Japanese and American
  • Turkish entrepreneurs  fall under the scope of the so-called Association Agreement and thus fall outside the scope of the points system.

If the applicant is an artist (artist, musician), the IND will request advice from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science whether the foreign national’s admission serves a Dutch cultural interest.

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