For foreign nationals who are involved with an innovative startup the startup scheme can offer an option for residency. With Because Start-ups often have no detailed business plan, nor sufficient initial capital at their disposal, they do not get enough points under the point system to qualify for a residence permit as an self-employed entrepreneur. To accommodate this, the government has implemented a number of relaxations on the current regulations:

  • The permit is valid for up to one year under the restriction ‘self-employment’ is given only once and cannot be extended.
  • Start-ups need a facilitator who supports them. This is a condition for admission. Facilitators must be able to provide quality support to start-ups. To prevent abuse, facilitators should include a proven track record in supporting start-ups and be financially sound.
  • The National Office for Entrepreneurial Netherlands (RVO) provides advice to the IND on the roadmap of the start-up and the track record of the facilitator. A positive opinion is obligatory to grant the permit.
  • Start-ups may not rely on public funds.

After (at the latest) one year start-ups can apply for a permit as an independent (for which no facilitator is required). The requirement that the means of financial income must come from self-employment are excluded from entrepreneurs. However, the resources must be sustainable and the alien must have the applicable standard amount.

What can Arslan|Lit Attorneys do for you?

To start with, our firm can assist your company with the application for the granting of this residence permit. We have worked with RVO more often in other procedures. It has become apparent that RVO often looks very critically at, for example, the innovativeness of a company. The right way of presenting and providing the right information can be the difference between approval and rejection.

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