It is possible to bring a partner, spouse or (minor) child to the Netherlands. These family members are eligible for a residence permit on the basis of family reunification. The so-called “Admission and Residence procedure” is also referred to as the TEV-procedure.

The conditions that must be met are as follows:

  • Your income as a sponsor (the IND calls this sponsor) must be sufficient and sustainable. 
    • Sufficient: An income equal to the minimum wage (as of January 1st 2024) equals € 2069,40 gross per month excluding 8% holiday pay) and € 2234,95 including holiday pay is sufficient. This concerns social security wages, also referred to as taxable wages or taxable wages. This SV wage as the IND calls it, is often slightly lower than the gross wage.
    • Sustainable is in any case if you are employed and you still have an annual contract or an indefinite contract. For an entrepreneur, an income is sustainable if he had at least a gross profit equal to the minimum wage in the 18 months before the application. (In a blog to be posted soon, we will take a closer look at what else counts as sustainable.)
    • An exemption from the income requirement applies to persons who are older than 67 or who are permanently incapacitated for work.
  • Your partner/spouse must have passed the so-called civic integration exam abroad at a Dutch representation (embassy/consulate) in the country of origin. (For information about the civic integration exam, please visit
  • The age requirement for family reunification of partners and spouses is 21 years. Partners and spouses under the age of 21 cannot benefit from family reunification.

For more information about aspects involved in family reunification with children, please refer to this blog post.

Third country nationals who are the parent of a Dutch child and who fulfill a caretaking role for their child, can under conditions apply for residency under the so-called Chavez Vilchez ruling.

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