The threat of withdrawal of their residence permits is a problem that aliens are increasingly confronted with. Under certain circumstances, the IND can decide to withdraw a residence permit that has already been granted.

With regard to residence permits that have been granted on the basis of family reunification, it often occurs that the IND tries to revoke the residence permit because it believes that persons have incorrectly informed the IND about their income, or that the IND believes that relevant information about the change in income of one of the family members has been withheld. People often forget that they must continue to meet the conditions, income requirement and cohabitation during the full five years of the residence permit. If any of the conditions are no longer met during the five-year period, the IND can proceed to withdraw the residence permit.

Another common reason for the withdrawal of a residence permit is in cases where the foreign national has criminal antecedents. Under the so-called public order standards, a conviction for a crime may, under certain circumstances, lead to the withdrawal of the residence permit. Before 1 July 2012, it was not possible to withdraw a residence permit if the foreign national in question had resided here lawfully for more than 20 years. However, on 1 July 2012, the law was amended in the sense that even after a lawful residence of 20 years or more, withdrawal can be made if there are (serious) criminal antecedents.

Relocation of the main seat of residence is also a ground that is often used by the IND to withdraw the residence permit. If, for example, due to deregistration from the BRP (municipal registry), the IND is of the opinion that the foreign national has moved his main residence outside the Netherlands, then the IND can withdraw the residence permit.

For employees who reside on the grounds of work, the loss of employment may be a reason to withdraw the residence permit.

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