The Dutch employment law organizes which rights and obligations employee and employer both have in an employment relationship. The Dutch law also provides certain minimum requirements of working conditions and salary. However, employee and employer can negotiate and arrange a lot themselves in the labor contract. Dutch labor law primarily exists to protect employees. With that 

Employment law consists of certain mandatory law which cannot be deviated from to the detriment of the employee. When you as an employee are made inactive or receive an official warning from your employer, you might feel powerless against such a decision. However, Dutch labor law ensures you have a better legal position than you think. Employment law ensures the employee extensive dismissal protection. In most cases your employer must provide a lot of evidence for well-founded reasons for dismissal.

Duties of an employee

By signing an employment contract the employee receives certain obligations. First of all, you have to abide to company rules and standards. Secondly, you have to abide to the rules of reporting sick leave. It is important that you, as an employee, abide to all these rules. This way you will not be faced with any unpleasant surprises and gives the employer little to hold on to to pursue dismissal. Lastly, you have to behave and do your work as a ‘good employee’; meaning what may be expected of a ‘good employee’ in social intercourse.

Rights of an employee

As an employee you always reserve the right to receive salary for the work you perform. Your employer also is not allowed to dismiss you of your contract if you abide to the applicable rules of the workplace. Your employer must abide to the rules and regulations regarding working conditions, which if a collective labor agreement is applicable, are often better than the minimum requirements by law. Lastly, when employment ends at the expense of your employer you have a right to a termination payment. Furthermore, an employee can have a right to compensation if the termination of employment is due to a fault by the employer

How can we be of service to you?

In some cases a conflict may arise about your functioning as an employee or about the functioning of your employer. It is of great importance that you take a labor law expert in hand to ensure a strong legal position in the conflict.

Our office is specialized in all aspects of employment law. Our experts can serve you by drafting a labor agreement, checking any of your labor contracts before you sign them and assisting you in any conflict with your employer. Our goal is not only to take the heavy workload of your shoulders, but also to take your worries away. 

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