When the company you work for is taken over, you will become an employee of the new company. Your employment contract with the agreed terms of employment and applicable collective labor agreement will continue to exist. This contract contains certain rights and obligations of the employee.

As an employee, you may in principle not refuse to come along to the new company. If you do, you may be fired and will not be entitled to unemployment benefits.

Pay attention!
A company takeover can never be a reason for dismissal. If this does happen, you can challenge this before the Subdistrict Court. If you accept the dismissal, you can request fair compensation from your employer or, if necessary, claim it from the subdistrict court.


When the company you work for goes bankrupt and is sold on, there is no takeover. You can, however, rejoin the company that your former employer took over. An employment contract must then be concluded again.

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