On this page you can find information about your rights and obligations as an employer in the event of incapacity for work and illness.

When an employee calls in sick, you as an employer must report this to your occupational health and safety service within a week. If the illness lasts longer than 6 weeks, you must draw up an action plan with your employee and the company doctor. It states what you and your employee will do to get them back to work. You must also keep a reintegration file.

Will your employee stay ill for longer? Then you will have a meeting about the progress every 6 weeks. When your employee is ill for a year, you draw up an end-of-year evaluation around that date. Finally, it is important that you continue to pay your employee. You are obliged to do this for 70% of the original wage during the first two years of absenteeism due to illness. It may be stipulated in a collective labor agreement or in an employment contract that this is more.

You may not dismiss your employee on the grounds of illness. This is possible two years after the sickness absence starts.

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