If you want to dismiss your employee and you agree or vice versa, the employment contract is terminated by mutual consent. This intention is often drawn up in a settlement/termination agreement. This ensures that a compelling process through the subdistrict court or at the UWV is avoided. A settlement agreement is always a better way out.

The Termination agreement must contain the following:

  • the name and address of the employer and the employee
  • that you have proposed to terminate the employment contract and what the reason is
  • that there is no urgent reason for the dismissal
  • that it is a termination by mutual consent
  • what is the date on which the employment contract ends
  • the date on which you make a final settlementaf
  • where and when you and the employee signed the agreement
  • that the employee has a 2 week reflection period

Other points to pay attention to

Your employee always has 2 weeks to think about it after signing the settlement agreement. You should always mention this explicitly, otherwise it will be 3 weeks

Legal assistance

Have the settlement agreement drawn up by an employment law specialist. This way you avoid unpleasant surprises.

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