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The Ankara Agreement between Turkey and the European Union (EU) and the Additional Protocol, bring some rights in favor of Turkish entrepreneurs, individuals, highly educated workers, living in the European Union.

Thanks to our experienced team in these fields, our Turkey desk has a system that focuses on the requests of its clients by reaching the solution of problems with the shortest and most useful methods. Although there are rights in favor of our Turkish citizens, it can be difficult to organize things in a country that is foreign to you and has a bureaucracy that is very different from the Turkish system. Having someone to guide you through the procedure will not only lighten your load, but you can also avoid unnecessary mistakes and wasted time.

Moving to the Netherlands and starting a business there, of course, has financial implications. A wrong choice in the beginning can have irreparable financial consequences for the future and you may have to pay too much tax because of it. Moving to a foreign country is never easy. There may always be unforeseen problems along the way. With our help you can avoid them or solve them as harmlessly as possible.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We are more than happy to help you. You can either reach us by phone, 0031202332466, or email turkeydesk@arslanlitadvocaten.nl. We can also be reached through our social media channels listed below.

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